About our School

Front Range Martial Arts and Front Range Kenpo Karate began teaching in the Denver area in 2008, although our instructor has been teaching Kenpo in the state of Colorado since 1997.  Our School is located in Lakewood Colorado near the intersection of Kipling and Colfax (exact location and directions can be found here). You can best learn about our school through our Mission, Vision and Goals statement:

Front Range Martial Arts Mission, Vision and Goals

Our Mission is to provide a safe haven of positive energy and support, conducive to each student’s physical, mental and character development via the positive benefits of the martial arts;

To provide excellent service to our students and their families, both in and out of the school, by setting the example and inspiration of personal excellence as Black Belts and thus ensure the ongoing growth and success of each student, instructor and the school community as a whole.

Our Vision is to develop a family environment of Martial Arts students who contribute to the valueleadership and respect of our school, local community and nation by promoting the cultivation of peace, strength,confidence and hard work; to strive for high personal standards, and consistently emphasize the strong ethics and practices of the Martial Arts through a blend of traditional, modern and progressive training.

Our Goals are:

  • First and foremost, to equip and empower our students to successfullydefend themselves, their families and loved ones should the need ever require that they take action to ensure safety and restore peace;
  • To increase our students quality of HEALTH by facilitating physical strength and fitness through the physical expression of the Martial Arts;
  • To increase our students quality of BEING by developing mental strength and fortitude, through the discipline and focus of the Martial Arts;
  • To increase our students quality of LIFE by developing the intangible benefits from their commitment as Martial Artists, realizing ones dreams and achieving beyond ones goals.
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